We value direct contact with our clients while working on music projects, however, in order to meet the market demand for clients with limited time and budget constraints, we can provide professional mastering and mixing via internet.

In order to take advantage of e-mastering and e-mixing, follow the instructions below:

1. Call us or send us an email to the address listed on our website. Then we will indicate you the ICD Studio’s FTP server address on which your music material for mix and mastering should be uploaded.

2. Label each music file with the track title and provide the sequence needed for assembling the final master

3. Provide us with your detailed expectations in regards to: fading out, editing, noise reduction, time intervals between each piece, etc.

4. The total cost of mix and/or mastering will be calculated based on the material received and an estimate of the cost will be sent to the client. We require an advance payment of 30% of the estimated cost remitted to the bank account included in the draft estimate.

5. After the advance payment is credited to our bank account, we will begin the work on your project.

6. Once the project is completed, the material will be sent via e-mail for client’s final approval.

7. Upon receiving client’s final approval and, based on client’s preference, either a CD will be sent to the client or the music material will be posted on our studio’s ftp server for the client to download the files.

8. The final payment is due and is based on VAT invoices